Today i wanted to open windowsAnd fly when no one is anywhere outDrink from the spring of undergroundQuench thirst of centuriesRoam above the metropolis and countrysideEat pancakes and croissant and also parathasFor I am a person of who inherits all culturesAll make sense to meThere are some who go home empty handedFor daily wage sometimes … Continue reading Lullaby


One week ago John recieved an official mail that mentioned that he can no longer work in his company as he along with few others have been terminated from job due to company’s financial conditions. John was left in heavy debt as his home and car loans were pending.After deciding to sell his car and … Continue reading Twist

A friend

It was a regular afternoon when one of my old classmates called me but as usual I didn’t attend her call. She called many times but I decided not to respond. I have developed a strange habbit of not talking much since I came to this new city 6 years back. Before that I used … Continue reading A friend

A Story of human civilization

Once upon a time, there was a wonderful land Blessed by nature, blossoms everywhere Land of clear spring and seasons four Happy faces all over and gloom was rear But the creature called man wanted more Destroyed every bounty to get advanced Brothers ravaged war against each other Produced weapons and atrocities expanded Then one-day … Continue reading A Story of human civilization


What has happened to the world What has been snatched Why have we been locked inside Why has the calamity occurred Who is responsible For what made nature to react Whose fault is it That all humanity is facing The world for which Many were doing research To make it better But on the contrary … Continue reading locked


Days have passed since I matured I look back at the bygone days I’m in dream for many many years I want to wake up now I have a live thumping heart I can’t see myself petered out I’m a conscious being Continue reading nostalgia


I feel that I am sinking deep inside And aloud I do cry O! somebody who loved me once Hold my hand dear ally Starless and moonless nights scare me Teary eyes and lips are dry I am waiting and I need to getaway Again will I rejoice and fly O! my grief let me … Continue reading escape…

A poem

Its been long, it’s been late, My heart still don’t know the way And I keep walking in all directions, Am I a wanderer or am I astray But there awaits a light of aspiration, This is destination and I will stay For so long life’s mirage hallucinated, Well it ends soon, I do pray … Continue reading A poem

Let me think, o my mind! let me be I can’t get enough of myself truly What is done? When elsewhere should I be Flashes from past follow and ask me to flee Air is thick, can’t bear, it suffocates me Celebrations are everywhere, only I can’t see I once had wings that were daring … Continue reading